Wk 2 spirituality

Celebrate the Second Week of Advent By Lisa Robertson "The birth of Christ is the central event in the history of the earth -- the very thing the whole story has been about. Lewis Advent is the first season in the church calendar. Since the 7th century A.

Wk 2 spirituality

This is reprinted with permission of Loyola Press. To order copies please call or go to www. This first of our five excerpts gives a brief introduction to St. The Exercises have never been for Jesuits alone.

Ignatius crafted the Exercises as a layman, and he intended them to benefit the entire church. He honed them as he offered the Exercises to a variety of people.

Inspired by the Second Vatican Council, the Society of Jesus has continued to offer the Exercises in varied and creative ways to ever-increasing numbers of people… Thus, the purpose of the Exercises is very practical: The Exercises are a school of prayer.

The two primary forms of praying taught in the Exercises are meditation and contemplation. In meditation, we use our intellect to wrestle with basic principles that guide our life. Reading Scripture, we pray over words, images, and ideas. We engage our memory to appreciate the activity of God in our life.

Such insights into who God is and who we are before God allow our hearts to be moved. Contemplation is more about feeling than thinking. Contemplation often stirs the emotions and inspires deep, God- given desires. In contemplation, we rely on our imaginations to place ourselves in a setting from the Gospels or in a scene pro- posed by Ignatius.

Scripture has a central place in the Exercises because it is the revelation of who God is, particularly in Jesus Christ, and of what God does in our world. In the Exercises, we pray with Scripture; we do not study it.

The Movements of the Exercises The Exercises have a natural rhythm. These weeks are not calendar weeks but phases or movements felt within a person who is praying through the Exercises: Just as marathon runners do not begin a race with a sprint, we start the Exercises slowly and gently.

We till the soil a bit before doing any planting. We pray for a spirit of awe and gratitude for the gifts of God in our lives. We let God reveal to us our sinfulness and need for conversion.

We do so in the context of knowing deep down how much God loves us and wants to free us from everything that gets in the way of loving God, others, and ourselves—that is, from everything that makes us unhappy.

We pray for the grace of embracing ourselves as loved sinners. We want to love and serve God and others more. As we pray through the life of Jesus Christ presented in the Gospels, we ask to know him more intimately so that we can love him more dearly and follow him more closely.

This heartfelt knowing that leads to concrete action is a defining grace of the Exercises.

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Our deepening personal identification with Jesus inspires us to want to be with him in his suffering and death. Just as we accompany Jesus in the Passion, we walk with the Risen Lord in the joy of the resurrected life. We continue to learn from him as he consoles others. Before joining the Jesuits inFr.

Wk 2 spirituality

O'Brien practiced law and taught high school in south Florida where he grew up.Spiritual Thought of The Week. “Your soul knows the geography of your destiny. Your soul alone has the map of your future; therefore you can trust this indirect, oblique side of yourself.

If you do, it will take you where you need to go, but Read more. Spiritual Disciplines for Kids Matt Flynn Week 1 - Worship Week 2 - Gratitude (Thanksgiving) Week 3 - Prayer - Praying the Lord’s Prayer Week 4 - Fasting & Unplugging. Aug 12,  · After I wrote the first week’s post on Honesty, I noticed there was a curious correlation between each of the spiritual principles and each of the 12 steps.

I realized that the purpose of this list was to provide a list of the spiritual principles that corresponded to each of the steps (as the header, “Spiritual Principles Behind the Steps.

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For four weeks, we practice an actual exercise in three different categories: An Instant "Ahah!" to integrate into your every day life at work and at home, a Felt Sensing exercise to practice this step of Focusing or an Interpersonal Focusing exercise, and a Complete Focusing Session.

The Spiritual Exercises of St Ignatius. You may be at a stage in your spiritual life where you want something more structured, more directed, more intense.

We are one church in two locations. Each week, our speaking team brings a similar sermon to each campus.

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