Thesis on shell and tube heat exchanger

ERGIL manufactures standard and custom design heat exchangers. Our quality Shell and Tube heat exchangers are backed by professional service and engineering capabilities. ERGIL can also apply stainless steel cladding and weld overlays, which provides an economical solution againts corrosion, as per customer requirement.

Thesis on shell and tube heat exchanger

Claus process is a technology used in gas industries to recover sulfur from acid gas H2S through its combustion in air and using some catalytic reactors.

Air for combustion is required at a temperature of C. For this, air, available at room temperature, is heated in a heat exchanger using hot combustion gas obtained by burning methane. Design a heat exchanger for heating air using combustion gas.

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Details are given below. The number of tubes to be used is Hot combustion gas 9. The tubes for the heat exchanger are made up of iron. Each tube has an inner diameter of 16 cm and outer diameter of What should be the length of the tubes required to heat air to the required temperature?

Use effectiveness-NTU method for hand calculations for 1 shell and 2 tube passes square pitch Report Structure 1. Heading, team members names, Instructor name, Date of submission 2. Introduction 3 pages a.

Thesis on shell and tube heat exchanger

What is heat exchanger? Different types of heat exchangers and their applications and descriptions with figures: Stress on shell and tube heat exchanger 3. List of equations to be used, and define the parameters pages 5.

Calculations for your problem 6. Hysys design snapshots pages 8.USING A MICROENCAPSULATED PHASE CHANGE MATERIAL SLURRY.

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Thesis on shell and tube heat exchanger

Heat Transfer of a Multiple Helical Coil Heat Exchanger Using a Microencapsulated Phase Change Material Slurry. (December ) Travis John Gaskill, B.S., University of Colorado The study of concentric tube heat exchanger can be broken down into fluid flow and heat.

coil-in-shell heat exchanger for various Reynolds and Rayleigh numbers, various tube-to-coil diameter ratios and dimensionless coil pitch. The calculations have been performed for the steady-state and the experiments were.

Nov 20,  · One of the most popular heat exchangers is shell and tube heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is made up a shell and the tubes are located inside the shell. ANSYS Fluent thesis. Mea Heat Exchanger Design lean/rich MEA heat exchanger E This heat exchanger is a counter flow shell and tube heat exchanger and is designed to heat up the rich MEA stream flowing from the CO2 absorber to the stripper.

The shell-and-tube heat exchanger is the most versatile type of cross-flow exchangers (Kakac and Liu, ) and is the one most widely used in the process and power industries. referred to as the shell and tube heat exchanger and the second is referred to as the shell and tube condenser (even though both are versions of a shell and tube heat exchanger).

The objective of the thesis was to implement as generic models as possible that could be used.

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