Significance of the event management analysis

By definition, events have a beginning, middle and end, and its significance should live on.

Significance of the event management analysis

Examples of security events include authentication events, audit events, intrusion events, and anti-virus events, and these events are usually stored in operating system logs, security logs or database tables.

In many organizations, security policies or business regulations require that security events are monitored and that security logs are reviewed to identify security issues. Information captured in security logs is often critical for reconstructing the sequence of events during investigation of a security incident, and monitoring security logs may identify issues that would be missed otherwise.


The problem is that the amount of information generated by security devices and systems can be vast and manual review is typically not practical. Security event management SEM, or SIM-security information management aims to solve this problem by automatically analyzing all that information to provide actionable alerts.

In a nutshell, security event management deals with the collection, transmission, storage, monitoring and analysis of security events. Introduction When implemented correctly, a security event management solution can benefit a security operations team responsible for monitoring infrastructure security.

Implementing SEM can relieve much of the need for hands-on monitoring of security systems such as intrusion detection systems, which typically entails staring at a consoles or logs for lengthy periods. This allows the security monitoring team to spend less time monitoring consoles, and more time on other tasks, such as improving incident response capabilities.

This improvement is achieved by implementing rules in the SEM system that mimic the know-how or methods used by the security practitioner when reviewing security events on a console or in a log.

The SEM system can even go beyond this and look for patterns in the data that would not be detected by human analysis, such as "low and slow" deliberately stealthy attacks. Building this intelligence into the system is not a trivial task however and it can take many months to start realizing the benefits from implementing a SEM system.

When planning a security event management solution, the following issues should be considered: Which systems should be monitored for security events? Which events are important and what information should be collected from logs? Time synchronization, time zone offsets, and daylight savings Where, how, and for how long should the logs be stored?

Security and integrity of the logs during collection and transmission Using the SEM system as a system of record How to process security events to generate meaningful alerts or metrics? Tuning the system to improve effectiveness and reduce false positives Monitoring procedures Requirements for choosing a commercial security event management solution The remainder of this chapter discusses the factors associated with planning and implementing a security event management SEM system, and factors to consider when purchasing a commercial SEM solution.

Significance of the event management analysis

Selecting Systems and Devices for Monitoring Systems or devices to be monitored will typically fall into one of three categories: For example, mail servers, DNS servers, web servers, authentication servers. When establishing which infrastructure systems are most critical, try to determine what the business impact would be if the system was unavailable.

This category of system also includes more traditional network devices such as routers, switches and wireless network devices. For example, mail servers, DNS servers, Web servers, authentication servers.

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This category of system also includes more traditional network devices such as routers, switches, and wireless network devices. Because budgets, time, and resources are not unlimited, you will have to do some up-front work to define the set of systems that should be monitored by the SEM system.

It is a good idea to start with a risk assessment to determine which systems are most important to your business. Each of the categories security, business and infrastructure above should be taken into account during the assessment.

If regulatory requirements are a driving factor, then those requirements will help to define which systems should be monitored. When ordering the priority in which monitoring should be implemented, take into account the following: The criticality of the system to the business.

Significance of the event management analysis

Critical systems that process high value data will have a higher priority. Risk of inappropriate access.Statutory Authority: The provisions of this Subchapter F issued under the Texas Education Code, §§(c)(4), , , and , unless otherwise noted. Final Rule: Disclosure in Management's Discussion and Analysis about Off-Balance Sheet Arrangements and Aggregate Contractual Obligations Securities And Exchange Commission.

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