Planning a scheme of work

Rural Areas, and Springfield. Each locality is further divided into Zones and in some cases, Sub Areas and Precincts.

Planning a scheme of work

How are planning applications processed?

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Do I need planning permission to carry out a scheme or project? If you need help and would like to ask a question, please click on the Chat now button below Introduction You will often need planning permission or a prior notification to develop your property.

This includes developing land, extending buildings and changing the use of land or buildings. Other types of work you may require permission for are those to a Listed Building, in a Conservation Area or trees subject to a Tree Preservation Order.

However, some minor developments, such as a small extension to your house or a temporary change of use to your land, may be defined as 'permitted development' and may not need a specific planning application or prior notification.

Even if the Interactive House says you do not need permission, it is sensible to check that there are no restrictions on the property you are interested in which could alter this. You can do this by filling in an Environmental Information Form which asks the Council to send all the relevant information to you at no charge.

Planning a scheme of work

This will give you a legally binding decision. Please note that advice to submit such a form does not indicate that permission will not be required. If permission is required the procedure does not give any indication as to whether an application would be supported.

However, some alterations may not affect the character of a listed building as a building of special architectural or historic interest, and therefore do not require Listed Building Consent.

A fee is charged for the provision of this advice. If you would like formal confirmation that the proposed works of alteration or extension to a listed building would not require Listed Building Consent you can submit a Certificate of Lawfulness of Proposed Works.

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This has to be submitted on the relevant form. Advice on whether Listed Building Consent would be granted is available but a further fee is required. Non Householder and Other Enquiries Non-householder works might not be development that requires planning permission.

If you want the Council to formally tell you whether or not you need planning permission you can submit a Lawful Development Certificate application Proposed use form.

This has to be submitted on the relevant form and gives you a legally binding decision. No informal Officer level advice is available.

Please note we do not have a Duty Planning Officer and all enquiries should be submitted in accordance with the advice here.JASWIC Main page.

This page contains links to a variety of documents with information regarding JASWIC.


The documents are in PDF format (readable and printable by Adobe Acrobat). Find out about current competent person schemes to self-certify certain types of building work if you work in building as an installer.

The Logan Planning Scheme helps Council to manage population growth, plan for a sustainable future for Logan, and guide the way land is used and developed across the city.

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Planning a scheme of work

Planning & Development. Council’s Planning Services section provides development and land use planning services to the community. Our planning team will work with developers to ensure that new developments comply with planning legislation and meet with planning requirements.

Ipswich PD Online interactive online planning and development system.

Do I need planning permission to carry out a scheme or project?