Pablo picasso: 20th century genius essay

From "Poetry", Memorial de Isla Negra By mid, when he adopted the pseudonym Pablo Neruda, he was a published author of poems, prose, and journalism.

Pablo picasso: 20th century genius essay

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Picasso is always a legend, indeed almost a myth. In the public view he has long since been the personification of genius in modern art. Picasso is an idol, one of those rare creatures who act as crucibles in which the diverse and often chaotic phenomena of culture are focussed, who seem to body forth the artistic life of their age in one person.

The same thing happens in politics, science, sport. And it happens in art. Early life Born in Malaga, Spain, in October ofhe was the first child born in the family. His father worked as an artist, and was also a professor at the school of fine arts; he also worked as a curator for the museum in Malaga.

Pablo Picasso studied under his father for one year, then went to the Academy of Arts for one year, prior to moving to Paris.

In he went to Paris, which he found as the ideal place to practice new styles, and experiment with a variety of art forms. It was during these initial visits, which he began his work in surrealism and cubism style, which he was the founder of, and created many distinct pieces which were influenced by these art forms.

Updates in style During his stay in Paris, Pablo Picasso was constantly updating his style; he did work from the blue period, the rose period, African influenced style, to cubism, surrealism, and realism.

Not only did he master these styles, he was a pioneer in each of these movements, and influenced the styles to follow throughout the 20th century, from the initial works he created.

In addition to the styles he introduced to the art world, he also worked through the many different styles which appeared, while working in Paris. Not only did he continually improve his style, and the works he created, he is well known because of the fact that he had the ability to create in any style which was prominent during the time.

Russian ballet InPablo Picasso joined the Russian Ballet, which toured in Rome; during this time he met Olga Khoklova, who was a ballerina; the couple eventually wed inupon returning to Paris.

The couple eventually separated in ; Olga came from nobility, and an upper class lifestyle, while Pablo Picasso led a bohemian lifestyle, which conflicted.

Although the couple separated, they remained officially married, until Olga's death, in In addition to works he created of Olga, many of his later pieces also took a centralized focus on his two other love interests, Marie Theresa Walter and Dora Maar.

Pablo Picasso remarried Jacqueline Roque in ; the couple remained married until his death 12 years later, in Work as a pacifist Pablo Picasso was a pacifist, and large scale paintings he created, showcased this cry for peace, and change during the time. A piece he created, after the German bombing of Guernica, was one such influential piece of the time.

Not only did this become his most famous piece of art work, but the piece which showed the brutality of war, and death, also made him a prominent political figure of the time.

To sell his work, and the message he believed in, art, politics, and eccentricity, were among his main selling points. Conflicting with social views Many things Pablo Picasso did during the s, conflicted with the general public. Viciousness towards his children, exaggerated virility towards women, and joining the Communist party, were some of the many scandals which he was involved in during his lifetime.

Although most of the things he did were viewed negatively by a minority of the general public, admirers of Pablo Picasso turned a blind eye, and still accepted him as a prominent figure in their society.Pablo Picasso has taken the world to many places with his unique style of work which is why I believe he is considered to be a genius of the 20th century.

Background Pablo Picasso, born Pablo Ruiz, was destined to become an artist at a very young age.

Pablo picasso: 20th century genius essay

Apr 08,  · Les Demoiselles d'Avignon is the first unequivocally 20th century masterpiece, a principal detonator of the modern movement, the cornerstone of 20th century art.

For Picasso it would also be a rite of passage: what he called an exorcism.'. Nov 21,  · This book really appeals to the 20 year old in me.

Picasso was a genius, but the things he said were not intelligent. He's like a smooth-talker, telling you things to seduce you, and you go along because you want to be seduced/5(12).

Apr 24,  · the 20th century was Pablo Picasso he was not only a prodigy in abstract art but also trialed with sculpting and ceramics. Pablo Picasso was born Pablo . Ricardo Eliécer Neftalí Reyes Basoalto (12 July – 23 September ), better known by his pen name and, later, legal name Pablo Neruda (/ n ə ˈ r uː d ə /; Spanish: [ˈpaβlo neˈɾuða]), was a Chilean poet-diplomat and politician.

Picasso was placing himself on a par with Rembrandt - a high ambition indeed, for Rembrandt is widely seen as the master of etching, and in Picasso's time was considered the greatest artist of all time.

Picasso was asserting that he himself was Rembrandt's legitimate successor, that he himself was the most important 20th-century artist.

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