How to write a pitch letter to a magazine

Like any good sales pitch, your cover letter should motivate the customer to learn more about the product—in this case, you. A good cover letter, like a good sales pitch, has several characteristics.

How to write a pitch letter to a magazine

Unfortunately, so have about eight gazillion other people on this planet. Therefore, you have to stand out from the crowd.

You have to sparkle.

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How do you do this? In fact, only bright green novices attempt to write the whole thing before selling it. What you do need, however, is the IDEA for the great story. So, where will you find this Big Idea?

This is how you will become an expert. Experts are in demand. What you have to do is sneak your stories into your areas of expertise. You are a potential expert in those areas. Jot these things down.

Now comes the fun part: The biggest mistake you can make in pitching your story is being too general. In general, you will be expected to write somewhere between and words on your topic. Get out your trusty notebook. On the first page, write down a list of any and all topics that interest you.

Need some ideas to get you started? Think through your whole day. What do you do from the moment you wake up until the moment you fall asleep? You turn off your alarm clock. An article about alarm clocks disrupting valuable sleep stages!

Or waking up to music versus waking up to that annoying beeping sound. You brush your teeth. Maybe with your significant other. You go to work. This is the most obvious area of expertise.

how to write a pitch letter to a magazine

You just have to know you can get this information later.Kiplinger (/ ˈ k ɪ p l ɪ ŋ ər / KIP-ling-ər) is a Washington, D.C.-based publisher of business forecasts and personal finance advice, available in print and online (

Its best-known publications are The Kiplinger Letter, a weekly business and economic forecasting periodical for people in management, and the monthly Kiplinger's Personal Finance magazine. Sample Pitch Letter. This example of a query letter is inspired by the Freelance Success Book – but it’s from my own brain.

Dear Editor of The Writer Magazine, Several of your recent ‘How to Become a Freelance Writer’ columns . “The Big Idea” Okay. So you’ve figured out that you would like to write for magazines, newspapers, and e-zines.

Unfortunately, so have about eight gazillion other people on this planet. Hi Cynthea, I’ve written a word picture book that I feel is ready for submission. My question to you is this — A large part of the movement of the story takes place subtly (and . Jan 20,  · Public Relations is the persuasion business.

You are trying to convince the media, the public, your employees, your vendors, shareholders, someone, to do something -- change their opinion. Read several back issues of the magazine(s) or check the online archives to get a feel for the readership, the topics covered, and the general tone of the articles.

how to write a pitch letter to a magazine

Be certain that the magazine hasn't covered your idea in some fashion already.

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