Exam 4 study guide bsc2010 2

If students require PERT testing they must first obtain a dual enrollment testing form from the high school counselor after they have completed the BC Online Application see directions below. Then students must provide a copy of test scores to their high school counselor.

Exam 4 study guide bsc2010 2

The supervisory committee may approve additional courses not listed here. Program Option This program allows B. Successful students will be able to earn the M. S in Biology, Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology non-thesis option Description and Requirements Biology majors who have completed the following courses may apply to this program: Once accepted, students must meet with BioAdvise the advising office for biological sciences within the College of Arts and Sciences to prepare an action plan to complete the B.

This requires them to take all the courses required for the B. Concentration in Cell and Molecular Biology. Students may take up to 12 credits of graduate courses as electives in CMMB and apply those courses to both the B. They will not be admitted as graduate students until they have completed their B.

The action plan should include a schedule of coursework to complete their B. For fall admission to the M.

For spring admission, the deadline is August 1 of the previous year. Application materials are the same as the M.

Exam 4 study guide bsc2010 2

Two official transcripts of undergraduate work from other institutions. Applicants need not supply USF transcripts. Graduate Degree Requirements Students admitted into the M. The requirement is 30 hours of graduate work with at least 16 of these hours completed at the level; 26 hours must be formally structured courses; and at least 15 hours must be in CMMB courses.

Students will be required to take 3 core-courses from the list below as part of these 26 hours. Of the required 26 hours, 9 hours will be derived from the core-CMMB graduate courses listed below see associated curriculum. These requirements can be partially met by up to 12 hours of graduate courses taken as undergraduates.

Students should be aware that a B grade or better is required for every graduate class applied to the M.

In addition, students will be required to pass an oral qualifying exam based on a review paper submitted in their final semester. Students must form a committee as part of their action plan to complete their graduate work. This committee will be comprised of at least 3 CMMB faculty, and will serve as the examination committee for the review paper required as part of the MS portion of their degree.

Upon approval of that paper, students must successfully complete a comprehensive oral exam by their committee. Completion of prerequisite upper division courses and application to the accelerated program.

Typically students will be in their junior year. Acceptance into the program and an action plan within a semester of application. Students will take up to 12 credits of graduate credit in CMMB courses following acceptance into the program.

Typically these courses will be taken in the latter half of the junior year and in the senior year. BioAdvise will monitor the progress of the students and ensure they follow their action plan.

Students who do not complete at least 9 hours of graduate work by graduation will be dropped from the accelerated M.

FSU - Biological Science

GRE exams will be taken in a timely manner so scores will be available for admission to the M. Students who do not complete the GRE in time will not be admitted to the accelerated M.

Students must apply for admission to the M. Students admitted to the accelerated program must form a committee prior to the beginning of their first semester in the M.

Students admitted to the accelerated M. Model Curriculum for Accelerated Non-thesis M.Showing Page: 1/2 BSC Exam 3 Exam Review GuideUse the following questions as a guide as you construct exam questions for your third extra credit assignment.

4 hrs non-structured (seminar, independent study, laboratory research) Oral exam and review paper done at the end of year 5 Ecology and Evolution (EEV). Recommend College Composition exam. ENL (3 credits) On Level I exam FRE (4 credits) On Level II exam score of 59 earns a minimum of two semesters of Elementary Language I and II FRE & FRE (6 credits).

No literature credit. ARCHIVES BINDERY HWY ALE,T'' iLLE iL j"'v I USPS SIXTY-FIRST YEAR, NUMBER 50 Indians Win World Series Report From Tourney on Page 8A. BSC Independent Study. Course Description: May be taken by majors for free elective credit.

Specialized independent study determined by the student's needs and interests. The written contract required by the Department of Biology specifies the regulations governing independent study.

Santa Fe College has an International Student Services office to help you, as an international student, make the transition from your home country to Santa Fe College.

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