Ethics of hydraulic fracturing

Perfected by the Halliburton Company, this method of accessing fossil fuels, which would otherwise be too difficult and expensive to acquire, has allowed us to tap into our own resources in the United States, particularly the Marcellus Shale Formation under Ohio, Pennsylvania, New York, and West Virginia, and the Barnett Shale Formation in Texas.

Ethics of hydraulic fracturing

Rida Yaghya Ethical considerations of Hydraulic fracturing in the Karoo Basin In the following essay I will explain, analyze and interpret the much considered Hydraulic fracturing in the Karoo basin in July This analysis and discussion will be based primarily on the executive summary given by the Department of Mineral Resources in South Africa and various other sources that speaks to ethical judgments on matters of this nature.

It is however important to note that on matters like this one needs to be completely open minded, so that the analysis is not conducted bias. Furthermore, we find that the basis of this report is rather utilitarian, focusing on the good for all ethical approach with consideration to the duties, rights and moral obligation of such a project.

The common public in and around the Karoo, affecting areas, are considered in depth with water contamination, noise pollution, air pollution etc.


South Africa, after the apartheid regime, has become a developing country, having said this; this project will uplift the economy tremendously. I will also make mention of statistical measures of job creation, and the effect this will have on further upgrading the economy by local labour after international experts has conducted the project.

The implications of a ban will definitely be affected such as further research and economically. I will make mention of the challenges that we face by making ethical judgment and consideration in civil society as I feel this is by and large the most important consideration for all in the process.

Deontological and teleological approaches to these matters are of utmost importance in order that we are able to decipher which approach would be more appropriate to suit the needs of all over a long-term. Finally I will state my argument as to why this will bring a different moral judgement to the matter.

There is an estimate of trillion cubic feet Tcf of gas in the Karoo basin, which in my opinion is opportune for economic challenges that we are currently facing.

Ethics of hydraulic fracturing

The main objective here is for the common good of everything and everyone, such as the environment, humans, animals etc. We can say that economic advantages would be would be best for South African upliftment, however in the same breath we look at the possible contamination of the scarce supply of water within the Karoo, are we then going to extinct the existing boreholes that are available and if so how much of the water will be needed for this project.

Ethics of hydraulic fracturing

One takes cognizance of the supply of food and the rich culture of the people in surrounding areas too, which will definitely be affected by the various disturbances it will cause in the natural habitat. Essentially the Karoo will lose its heritage to a capitalistic ideology if these moralities are not taken into account.

I feel at the onset of this project there is too much uncertainty about the details such as the difficulties to quantify the resource etc. In order that a project likes this be affected considerably moral, specialized workforces needs to be put in place so as to avoid many risk factures.

This process can be dangerous to workers and the environment as it poses a major risk to eradicate a community of animals, plants and humans. In this instance we ask ourselves from a utilitarian view will everyone be at ease and happy with a decision like this? Will we benefit all beings from this project?

Will the noise and dust pollution be good for the environment around us? They are all ethical considerations we need to take into account. A very large quantity of water is required for Hydraulic Fracturing to take place that water will be contaminated with chemicals; will this water be able to go through a recycle?

If not, there will be a major water shortage for the people in and around the Karoo. Furthermore it is also mentioned that pressure is needed for this process to take place, will this not shock the natural habitat of the Karoo, such as plant roots and animals.Hydraulic fracturing's wiki: Hydraulic fracturing (also fracking, fraccing, frac'ing, hydrofracturing or hydrofracking) is a well stimulation technique in which rock is fractured by a pressurized liquid.

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The process involves the high-pressure injection of 'f. The Ethics of Energ y By Mary Minette, ELCA Director for Environmental Education and Advocacy One example of the new energy reality is the spread of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, as a means of extracting oil and natural gas Part of a year-long focus on the “Ethics of Energy” this.

Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a technique designed to recover gas and oil from shale rock. Ethical considerations of Hydraulic fracturing in the Karoo Basin In the following essay I will explain, analyze and interpret the much considered Hydraulic fracturing in the Karoo basin in July Hydraulic fracturing, or fracking, is a hot topic.

The process injects high-pressure fluid horizontally into deep wells to fracture impermeable rocks releasing pockets of trapped oil and gas. Mar 21,  · WASHINGTON — The Obama administration on Friday unveiled the nation’s first major federal regulations on hydraulic fracturing, a technique for oil and gas drilling that has led to a.

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