Dns rewrite asa not working

Also, if you ever ran an earlier ASA version that had a vulnerable configuration, then regardless of the version you are currently running, you should verify that the portal customization was not compromised.

Dns rewrite asa not working

dns rewrite asa not working

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This requires us to create two new configuration files. First of all we need a new virtual host configuration for the redirector, and next to that we need a file that describes the mappings between the hostnames and the URLs they should resolve to.

Rewrite any.

dns rewrite asa not working

I am having a little bit of an issue getting DNS rewrite working for a client. Their setup: They have one ASA version (2) with several subinterfaces on the inside interface.

Therefore reverse lookups, which request the Pointer (PTR) record, are not affected by DNS rewrite. In Version ASA (1) and later, translation of the DNS PTR record for reverse DNS lookups when using IPv4 NAT, IPv6 NAT, and NAT64 with DNS inspection enabled for the NAT rule.

The ASA will work with that DNS conversation as with any other packet flowing across the firewall (make sure the policy allows the traffic, if there is an inspection that the traffic does not . I have been working in Networking domain since almost 8 years. Did not clear CCIE R&S.

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Is it possible to match the TLS SNI field on a Cisco ASA without Firepower? Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Become a Redditor. and subscribe to one of thousands of communities. × Should I use DNS Doctoring or NAT.

Note DNS rewrite is not applicable for PAT because multiple PAT rules are applicable for each A-record, and the PAT rule to use is ambiguous. Note If you configure a twice NAT rule, you cannot configure DNS modification if you specify the source address as well as the destination address.

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