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Faculty Center — Ready for Fall As the start of the fall semester approaches, now is a good time to look into the CUNYfirst Faculty Center and make sure your classes are listed correctly in the system. Or you can point your browser to this link, https: If you are having problems claiming or accessing your CUNYfirst account, the best Cunyfirst of support is the Help Deskhelp qc.

The Faculty Center is where you can get your class rosters, check your class schedules, and enter textbook information. Later in the semester after the third week of classesyou will use the Faculty Center to access and submit Verification of Attendance and Grade Rosters.

Choose my schedule to check your scheduled room and meeting times for your courses. Errors in this information have many negative consequences for attendance verification, for grade submission, and even for the teaching evaluations you receive from students at the end of the semester.


While viewing your schedule, click on each course number to see full details for a course. What is Instruction Mode? CUNY has defined categories to identify how courses are taught.

Properly identifying instruction mode for a course in CUNYfirst provides students with a clear understanding of the extent to which technology is used in a course, including whether scheduled face-to-face time is replaced by online work.

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Each of your courses should be identified using one of the following codes: Some departments use the Partially Online classification for this category of course, but the classification Hybrid is a little more precise, because it specifies that some class meetings are replaced.

No scheduled class meetings are replaced, but some of the course content and assignments, as well as required or optional activities, are online. If your course is completely in person, but you require your students to submit assignments through Blackboard, to set up and maintain a blog, to collaborate in a wiki, etc.

No course content or assignments delivered online.

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Instruction Mode is assigned at the department level. If your course is not accurately coded, please consult with your department chair or with the person who enters your department schedule into CUNYfirst. To quickly access a list of online, hybrid, or web-enhanced courses at Queens College, visit http: Enter your Textbook information for each course.

State and federal laws in effect for several years now require CUNY to provide pricing information for textbooks and other course materials. CUNYfirst is the way we collect and display this information.

Come and explore. CUNY’s 25 colleges and graduate schools located across New York City’s five boroughs. Open houses–on campus and online–are scheduled regularly for prospective students. As the start of the fall semester approaches, now is a good time to look into the CUNYfirst Faculty Center and make sure your classes are listed correctly in the system. CUNY FIRST is CUNY's new ERP system that will handle processes in Student Administration, Human Resources and Finance.

To add a textbook to a class, choose my textbooks from the Faculty Center. Enter your textbook information.

My LaGuardia is the one-stop-shop online tool just for YOU!

If you have not assigned textbooks to a class, check No textbooks assigned to class. Click the copy textbooks icon, and follow the prompts to search for your textbook information from other sections or from previous semesters.

Here is a summary: Log in and browse to the Faculty Center 2. Check that your course information is correct: Your answer has been submitted.What is CUNYfirst?

I need to deal with several offices, including Financial Aid, the Bursar, and Advisement. Will CUNYfirst change this? What is the Student Center? What is my CUNYfirst ID? All students, faculty and staff are assigned an 8-digit CUNYfirst ID (EMPLID), which is your unique identifier within CUNY.

Blackboard is accessed via CUNYfirst and all users must first register with CUNYfirst. Claim your CUNYfirst account. Visit Our Campus. We'll show you around and introduce you to one of the most beautiful campuses in the country.

Arrange a tour today. The historic campus of Bronx Community College sits atop a hill overlooking the Harlem River. We offer more than 40 academic programs ranging from nursing to cybersecurity.

Password: The default password is your date of birth in mmddyy format and the last four digits of your CUNYfirst Empl ID. Example: If your DOB is 04/16/ and the last four digits of your CUNYfirst Empl ID are , then your password is (no spaces).

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