Case study fedex vs ups

FedEx Co Essay Introduction: FedEx has emerged as a company that is involved into various shipping regions in different parts of the world and is aggressively pursuing a solid foundation for the future. It has recently added a new hub in the Philippines. FedEx is innovating with the products to match with the needs of customers.

Case study fedex vs ups

Ups Vs. Fedex - Case Study

FedEx talks supply chain logistics By Freddie Pierce. Jun 30, The manufacturer dispatches a repair technician.

Case study fedex vs ups

Services that add value while goods are at rest, not just while in motion. Solutions that start with the sourcing of parts and extend all the way to post-sale returns and repair of finished products.

FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics matches the delivery requirement of each customer order with the optimum inventory stocking location and the appropriate FedEx transportation service.

Case study fedex vs ups

Central to the solution is the network of Global Distribution Centers that FedEx SupplyChain maintains in strategic locations around the world.

The use of regional and forward stocking locations also allows customers to keep supplies accessible to support an increasingly mobile workforce. Just as importantly, FedEx SupplyChain provides customers with real-time global visibility from a single integrated, flexible IT framework.

Customers worldwide can track the status of their orders, shipments and inventory levels by logging into a web application on fedex.

For added flexibility, order placement and status messaging are also available through electronic data interchange EDI and delivered in a common global message format. FedEx SupplyChain also operates a common warehouse management system, enabling more consistency in capabilities and experience around the world.

In the case of the out-of-order ATM in New York, the field tech simply types a parts order into her mobile device.

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The order data digitally flows to the nearest FedExCritical Inventory Logistics facility with the part in stock. In as little as 30 minutes, the part is ready either for pickup by the field tech or for delivery to the shopping mall.

The cash machine is back online and outstanding customer experience is delivered. When one of its units goes down, the customer risks financial penalties if it fails to repair a machine within deadlines spelled out in service-level agreements.

With its old manual inventory management process, the manufacturer needed to stock higher levels of spare parts in order to avoid those penalties.

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Now, with FedEx Critical Inventory Logistics, the company can avoid service-failure penalties and dramatically reduce inventory-carrying costs. That continues to be our goal.Show transcribed image text CASE The Battle for Value, FedEx Corp.

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companies competing collecniely, and managed collaboranuely, wender the respected FedEx FedEx. The move would rev FedEx's revenue up to UPS levels, but the purchase isn't cheap and FedEx could see its bottom line shrink as it absorbs acquisition costs in the years to come.

UPS Parcel Delivery Tracking Application - updated in June When Fedex introduced a wireless network application to keep track of document and parcel shipments, UPS was pressured to respond with a similar or better service. This case examines both the nature of competition between two formidable firms and how they continue to transform themselves.

See also "Package War: FedEx vs. UPS". Product #: UVPDF-ENG. The Battle for Value, FedEx Corp. vs. United Parcel Service, Inc. Patrick Cunningham M Professor John Phelps, Ph.D. January 17, /5(1). View FEDEX VS UPS CASE STUDY from INFS at Roosevelt University.

Describe the competition in the overnight package delivery industry, and the strategies by which those two firms are meeting the.

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