Abortion the death of unwanted children

Mothers in 28 states are seeking millions of dollars, including claims for the cost of raising their children into adulthood and the cost of education. Qualitest did recall eight types of oral contraceptives in after it was discovered that rows of pills were reversed, meaning women may have taken the sugar or placebo pills when they should have taken the actual contraceptives. What if you do not want children and your birth control method has failed?

Abortion the death of unwanted children

Bible says killing is a sin, and even though some 'Christians' do not apply that same argument when approving of wars, abortion as such still remains a sin for believers. But I am not one, and I have my own arguments for being what they call 'pro-choice'. To put it briefly, I consider abortion a lesser evil.

And I will explain why. First - just some bullet points: Life is difficult enough for a person growing up in a loving family. It is very likely to be much tougher for a kid whose own mother does not want him. Children can feel that they are not loved and unwanted while still inside mother's belly.

And if pro-lifers are against abortion because it causes pain to the fetus, why do we overlook the emotional pain? Would you say that emotional pain does not matter?

And it's nothing supernatural. You know how hormones can cause certain emotions in us. And when the fetus is inside the woman its totally helpless and doomed to feel what the mother is feeling.

Researchers believe that a stressed mother produces an abundance of stress hormones called catecholamines, which have been shown to, in turn, affect emotions. When catecholamines are taken from frightened animals and injected into other animals, the recipients act frightened as well.

Scientists theorize that these chemical stressors cross the placenta and "frighten" the developing nervous system. If it happens often enough, the fetus actually gets used to feeling chronically stressed.

But the problems do not end there. After baby is born, the first months of life are crucial as the infant develops either the basic trust or basic distrust in this world. Persons who developed trust go through life easier as they perceive this world as a generally safe place. They are more confident in themselves and later in life they are able to build healthy relationships with others.

Abortion the death of unwanted children

People who developed mistrust carry that inner feeling that world is generally hostile. Thus - the depressions, pathological jealousy, the need to control everything around rooted in the deep feeling of insecurity. Babies need something more than the water, food and changed diapers.

From the very beginning human beings need love, we need a loving touch. You can make someone bring a baby into this world. You can not make that someone love her child. I've seen some mothers treating their babies with aggression, with cruelty.

They weren't moved if the child was crying, they never wanted to touch their kids, much less hold them and caress them. Seeing how the poor thing is suffering with such a parent makes you think "why the hell haven't you terminated your pregnancy?

Abortion the death of unwanted children

And this is not just my personal opinion. Studies were done and the findings indicated unwanted children generally having more problems in life: A long term study of children born in to women twice denied abortion for the same pregnancy and pair matched control children born to women who did not request abortion showed significant differences, always in disfavor of the unwanted children.

All the children were born into complete families with similar socioeconomic circumstances. Being 'born unwanted' carried a risk of negative psychosocial development, especially for only children who had no siblings.

At age nine they did poorer in school despite no differences on intelligence testswere less popular with classmates, and were more frequently described by mothers and teachers as being difficult. By age 21 they reported less job satisfaction, more conflict with coworkers and supervisors, and more disappointments in love.

The Case Against Abortion: Abortion Procedures

By age 35 they had experienced more mental health problems.Perhaps the many issues attendant to unwanted children might also benefit from a uniform Federal law. But perhaps not, as it can be argued that the will of the people is best represented on a .

Return to Life Matters TV Below are the sources for the statistics used and rationale for the number of abortions used in the abortion regardbouddhiste.com abortion counter is a real-time estimate of the number of abortion in the US and the number of abortions worldwide based on the very latest data of the actual number of abortions performed .

Legal abortion will decrease the number of unwanted children, battered children, child abuse cases, and possibly subsequent delinquency, drug addiction, and a host of social ills, believed to be associated with neglectful parenthood.” (A Speaker and Debater’s Notebook, June ).

A major aspect of the debate over abortion concerns the use of terminology. In keeping with Just Facts’ Standards of Credibility, this research uses language that is clear and regardbouddhiste.com, expressions such as “pro-life” and “pro-choice” are replaced by words that detail specific positions.

Second Trimester. A dilation (dilatation) and evacuation abortion, D&E, is a surgical abortion procedure during which an abortionist first dilates the woman’s cervix and then uses instruments to dismember and extract the baby from the uterus.

The risk of death associated with abortion increases with the length of pregnancy, from one death for every one million abortions at or before eight weeks to one per 29, at weeks, and one per 11, at 21 or more weeks.

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