2015 spring syllabus

Assignment websites and subdirectories: Final project directory and files: In order to make this claim, however, all projects will need to include academically appropriate citations in the form of a Works Cited section, which covers all sources, in order to receive a passing grade.

2015 spring syllabus

Jump to Today Introduction to Abstract Algebra. Groups and their factor groups. Commutative rings, ideals and quotient fields. The theory of polynomials: Euclidean algorithm and unique factorizations. The Fundamental Theorem of Algebra. Fields and field extensions.


For quick questions ask me before or after class. His office hours for the semester are in his office Evansand will be held at the following times: Tuesday, 9am Wednesday 9am-1pm Thursday 9am Examinations: Please bring blue books to the examinations.

You may bring one ordinary sized sheet of paper with writing on both sides to the exams. Apart from this one sheet, the exams are "closed book". In particular you may not bring textbooks or notebooks or calculators or cellphones. Almost all the questions in the midterms and final will be similar to randomly selected examples I covered in class or homework questions from the book.

So if you understand how to do all the examples in class and all the homework questions you should be able to do all the questions on the midterms and final.

Course outcomes Looking for data, where to look and how to look? Find two datasets that interest you.

Each question on the midterms and final will be worth 3 points. The grading scheme is: It is your responsibility to make your answers clear: Students will never get extra partial credit just by asking for it, as this is unfair to students who do not ask.

Introductions & Syllabus – Design Perspectives – Spring

Regrading will only be done for entire midterms or finals, not for individual questions, and if you exam is regraded your score may go down. I will not increase grades just because someone needs a higher grade to graduate or get into some program.

If you miss the first midterm the grade for the second midterm will be doubled. This option is only for people who do not take the first midterm: If you miss both midterms or the final then you are in trouble. There will be no makeup midterms or final. These will only be given for serious problems, such as medical problems that require a stay in hospital.

They will not be given just because a student has fallen too far behind in work. Homework will be assigned every week. There is a list of homework assignments for each class below.

Homework can be given to me in class or placed at your own risk in the envelope outside my office door Homework given in late will get no credit. The final homework grade will be computed from the 10 best homeworks you hand in on time, so it does not matter much if you forget one or two.HDFS Course Syllabus Spring 2 Recognize and demonstrate respect for diversity, continuity, and adaptation as they relate to social justice issues within individual and family life development.

Reflect upon your own individual and family life development in relation to our course content.

CS - Spring - Syllabus

(excerpts) From the University Catalog: A student who misses an exam without an excuse may have the course grade lowered. Students must not be required to submit examinations before the date of the regularly scheduled examination for.

BIO General Microbiology Spring California State University, Sacramento Page 3 Part 2: Course Objectives Objective: The objective of this course is to provide students with an introduction to the microbial world— a world that cannot be seen with the naked eye.

Spring Commencement: May 10; Spring Registrar's Calendar. Courses offered. Past syllabi are available from the library staff in the SILS Library. Please contact the instructor if you have any questions about a course being offered for the upcoming semester.

2015 spring syllabus

Physics 1 [PHY] Syllabus, Spring The two in­term exams and the final exam will be equally weighted and count for a maximum of 75 points (out of ) towards your overall course grade. 1 Course Syllabus PubH Adolescent Health: Issues, Programs, and Policies Spring Credits: 2 Meeting Days: W, F (1/23/11 – 3/8/11).

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